Saturday, July 29, 2017


I am going to tell you a true story of unlikelihood. In and around the 1700 the British sailors would take to the open waters of the sea for numerous reasons. While out on their voyage their men would become ill and many would die. Actually most would die. The symptoms were large discolored spots over the whole surface of the body. Swelling of the legs, bleeding of the gums, decreased red blood cell count, lack of strength, anxiety, and depression.
As the story goes while out on one of these adventures a storm arose and after losing control of their ship they were tossed onto a deserted island. Now it turned out that the island was not deserted but inhabited with island people. The inhabitants of the island after seeing the condition of the British sailors started given them limes which grew abundantly there. To their great surprise the sailors started improving all became better all survived. They said this is a miracle we have to go back and spread the word.
Upon returning home they told what had happened to them and many believed and made sure some lime juice was on board the  ship whenever they sailed. But eventually after so many years the idea was lost. After all to think a simple fix like lime juice cured a mammoth problem like scurvy was ridiculous. Especially to the medical community which believed elaborate problems needed complex solutions. We all know the end of the story they did go back to the simple belief that limes or vitamin C did indeed cure scurvy. Did I mention it took 400 years before this happened. Ok so what is the point of this story.

You are the sailors instead of scurvy you have agoraphobia, full blown, can't leave house, maybe not even bedroom agoraphobia. Your symptoms are, dizziness, chronic anxiety, bothered by loud noises, bothered by bright lights, feelings of falling over and having a sense of head shaking. Those are the ones I remember from when I had it. They were tossed on a island you have landed on this site. They were given limes you are given prism glasses.

I have spent over 2 years telling you about your eyes being your problem. Are you going to be like the people of the 1700 and ignore my advice? Are you going to sit there and say I have 20 20 vision this can't be me? I didn't need glasses until I was 50 and that was only to read. Don't live in the past and believe everything you hear and read. How come it's easier to believe you have a mental disease instead of you need a pair of prism glasses because your eyes are misaligned and causing your agoraphobia. Maybe you just have a case of anxiety, prism's could also cure that. Don't put off the rest of your life.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Amazing Stories!

My husband – so many positive changes!!

Hi – I am not a patient of Dr. Debby but my husband is. When I met Jeff 9 years ago, I thought that his habit of holding his head tilted to the side was just that – a habit, and one I thought was sort of adorable in a way. Just 2 years ago, he revealed to me that if he tried to hold his head straight, he would experience double vision! Alarmed, I took him to a top opthalmologist in the area, who discussed surgery and stated that not much could be done – this problem should have been attended to in childhood, not now at age 44.
I should also mention that my husband has for years been thought of as someone with a “short fuse” – easily irritated at seemingly minor things, and also never too comfortable in large crowds or big busy stores. He has been prescribed various anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications over the years, none with any success. I prayed for an answer to his discomfort, still not connecting these problems with the vision issue. Then one day last fall, I saw an article – the drawing of a person with their head tilted to one side caught my attention, and after reading about Dr. Debby’s work, I immediately made Jeff an appointment.
IT’S A MIRACLE! The one I had been praying for! Jeff no longer tilts his head; he can see clearly for the first time in his life – and he has become a much calmer, more peaceful and happier person. I tried to imagine the constant irritation he must have felt for so long, not being able to focus properly and not knowing that this was the problem. Now that the problem has been corrected with his new glasses, things that used to bother him no longer do. And, he commented to me recently, “people are nicer to me now”. Imagine how others may have been perceiving a man with his head cocked to one side and slightly back – he must have looked as though he had an “attitude problem”!
Thank you, thank you Dr. Debby and staff for the wonderful things you have done for my husband and for me.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Agoraphobia and the carnival ride!

When you can't get off the carnival ride...
Summertime is here.  It’s a time for fun.  Children and families flock to carnivals and amusement parks.  Ferris Wheels – Roller Coasters – Tilt-a-Whirls and more.  So much fun!
But, what if that sense of twirling and spinning is an everyday reality? How difficult would life be if it always felt as if you were on a carnival ride?
For many people who have eyes that do not work as a team, their world is an uncertain and sometimes scary place.  They describe what they see as ‘swooshing’ – ‘swaying’ – ‘swimming’ in front of them.  Things that are ‘still’ appear to bounce or jump. 
This unwanted carnival ride appears when a person’s eyes are not perfectly aligned – something that is rarely obvious to others.  How do you make this stop?  At Vision Specialists of Michigan, the doctors fit patients with glasses that align their vision.  With these special glasses, the only carnival ride will be the one you buy a ticket to ride.
If you know of someone who is on this never ending carnival ride, have them take the questionnaire at and check out our blog at